Three Q PERMS & TEMPS: positive branding and increased referrals by supporting the community

“For us, responsible business is at the core of what we do”


What the company did

At Three Q PERMS & TEMPS, we utilised the company’s skills to assist people who were out of work to search for and secure employment and also promoted jobs in the charity sector. We work with three different groups:

  • Unemployed: We work with Jobcare, a jobs club programme in Dublin city centre that prepares and supports active job seekers to find their next job. This helps to reduce the number of unemployed people in Dublin and consequently, the amount of those on the live register nationwide.
  • Jobseekers: We revamp, profile and create new CVs for the jobseekers we work with and set up mock interviews to put them at ease for the real deal. We offer interview tips and coaching supports on and off line. For the candidates we place, we offer post-placement supports including a training bursary for continued professional development in their chosen career.
  • Business: We offer discounted or free job advertisements to our charity clients as well as promoting the charities and their jobs via our website and social media outlets.

In addition, the company nominates three charities for support each year. The whole team is involved in picking who is to be supported financially or with services.  We have supported the Alzheimer’s Café both financially and with volunteer time for nearly three years and have also supported Temple Street Children’s Hospital and Breast Cancer Research through our ‘Spare an Hour’ campaign, in which all employees donate an hour of their wages and the company matches the funds raised.

The Business Impact

The company has seen a number of business impacts as a result of this work, including:

  • Improved employee engagement in CSR activities
  • Positive branding for the company
  • Referrals from happy candidates for other people to be placed, which leads to increased revenue
  • Short-listed for awards
  • Client satisfaction

The Company

Three Q PERMS & TEMPS is the specialist provider of permanent and temporary recruitment solutions for professionals for all sectors. The company has a proven track record in healthcare and hospitality, assisting jobseekers and employers for over 16 years in Dublin. We have built our reputation on offering our Three Q’s – quality service, with qualified candidates in the quantity required. Our mission is to be ‘the quality choice recruiter’ by searching, selecting, recruiting and connecting hiring companies and in demand professionals.