DHR Communications: strong company values for a powerful reputation

“Our location in The Liberties defines us in many ways. We strongly encourage all staff to engage with the community in which we are based.”



What the company did

DHR Communications has a company-wide CSR programme, which focuses strongly on enhancing Dublin 8, the community in which the company is based. A number of its clients are major stakeholders in this area, and a number of its employees also live in Dublin 8.

The company’s location is a key part of its corporate identity, and it is strongly committed to this area. In recognition of this, DHR has built up a CSR project – ‘DHR Working with and for The Liberties’ – aimed at using its employees’ skills to enhance the local community. It is centred on the following outputs:

  • Providing pro bono PR support to a number of local community groups. Beneficiaries have included local schools, D8CEC, Thomas Street Business Association and SWIC-LEC.
  • Facilitating employees to participate on the boards of local groups, and to provide strategic counsel to community organisations. DHR’s Managing Director is the Chair of the Liberties Business Forum, and its Executive Director is the Vice-Chair of D8CEC (Dublin 8 Community Education Centre). In the past, senior managers also served on the Board of SWIC-LEC (the South-West Inner City Local Employment Centre).
  • Working to promote a positive perception of The Liberties and, by so doing, to increase investment and visitor numbers in the local area.

The business benefits

DHR’s community-based CSR programme has:

  • Contributed to the company’s reputation as one of the leading and most recognised communications companies working with clients in the not-for-profit and statutory sectors.
  • Allowed employees to develop new skills, meet new people and work on projects outside of their usual comfort zone.
  • Opened up opportunities and allowed DHR to facilitate collaboration and networking between clients from different sectors.
  • Created a happier working environment and a more fulfilled staff.

The company

DHR is a full-service PR agency, based on Francis Street in the heart of Dublin’s creative quarter. In September 2014, the company celebrated its 10-year anniversary. It employs a team of 12 and works with clients across a range of sectors, including education, technology, business, healthcare, the public sector, and the arts.

Check out DHR Communication’s sustainability report here. The report gives more detail on DHR’s company-wide CSR programme across workplace, environment, marketplace and community themes. Here are the highlights:


  • Company-wide CSR programme, with sustainability embedded in day-to-day work
  • Staff participation on boards of non-profit organisations
  • Career breaks for senior and long-term staff to pursue volunteering and educational activities
  • Supporting and encouraging cycling to work
  • Key SME on the government’s CSR Stakeholder Forum