Survey Report of Consumer Attitudes in Ireland toward Corporate Responsibility 2009

Monday, March 5th, 2012

This report contains the findings of the Business in the Community Ireland/Ipsos MORI Survey of Corporate Image & Corporate Responsibility. In September and October 2008, Ipsos MORI’s fieldforce interviewed 1,031 adults aged 16 and over (the industry standard) in the Republic of Ireland. The sample was representative of the population by age, gender and region.

A broad overview of the report findings was that good customer service is important to consumers in Ireland. In a recession, attracting or retaining the dissatisfied section of a consumer base may make the difference between trading or not. The communication tools currently being used by companies to convey their social and environmental performance are not working. Great potential exists for local media to be used to much greater effect, in conjunction with advertising on a national scale where budgets permit.

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