The power of sharing your work experience with a job seeker

Coming from Brazil she came to the EPIC programme feeling a bit lost and not knowing how to find her path.

After completing the programme and attending various workshops including one with Accenture, she identified her interest in Human Resources and decided to go back to college and deepen her knowledge.  Before joining our programme, she worked as a general operative,recently she found a job as a sales promoter.

This is Raquel’s story in her own words.

“A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take part in an IT Workshop at Accenture, to learn more about the company and about the areas related to technology that the company develops.

The ones attending the workshop were mainly clients and former clients of the Epic Programme, invited by our Career Counsellor Olga Montiel. We were able to listen to the employees of Accenture, who were there voluntarily, talk about their experiences working at Accenture and their paths so far.

Everything was very useful, and even though it was an IT event, all of us could gain something from the experience. I am convinced that everyone’s contribution had a different impact on each of us.

But, in fact, what got my attention the most was the passion that every employee showed when talking about what they do. Not only because they do what they love, but because it wouldn’t be possible if the workplace didn’t give them the necessary support, if it wasn’t a solid company, that values process, continuity, as much as result, ensuring a natural development and making cooperation and work flow properly. And that’s why I could see in their eyes the gratitude and joy that keeps them constantly moving, creating, producing. That made me believe that by doing what you love, using the skills you have in a company that will prioritise and provide the necessary tools for you to excel is definitely one of the ways to achieve success.

For that experience I would like to thank for the presence and contribution of each of the ones involved, the employees, that came with their minds and hearts open to share with us their experiences before and in Accenture and show that everything is possible when you desire with passion and plan your way to reach that goal. I would also like to thank my peers, that during that day I had the opportunity to meet and understand a little bit their personalities and potentials. And a special “thank you” to Olga, my career counsellor and friend, who has been so patient and thoughtful to me. Thank you all and be sure that those stories make us stronger and more determined.

Raquel Capelo

Former Epic Programme client

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