Lionbridge and Time to Read

Lionbridge in Ballina participated in our Time to Read programme. Here you can read an email we received from Paul McBride, Vice President & General Manager of Lionbridge sent to us about their experience.

“I’m writing to share my gratitude and enthusiasm for the Time to Read program that’s about to conclude and the overwhelmingly positive effect it’s had on both participants and teams here at Lionbridge Ballina. The return on invested time by participating employees puts that achieved by invested capital to shame! I have experienced the professional and personal growth of our participants through more confident leadership, better decision making, heightened social awareness which when considered individually, are a delight. But when considered together .. wow! I have seen a new cohort of future leaders emerge from the most unexpected of opportunities, the experience gained by our employees from participating in Time to Read, by helping young children develop their reading skills, their confidence to learn and improving their self-awareness. It clearly worked both ways.The visit by the children to the business is one of the great memories, because we experienced the joy of a future generation having FUN at our workplace, and that was not lost on us. So thank you for affording us the opportunity to participate in Time to Read. It has been a real delight.”

Paul McBride,Vice President & General Manager, Lionbridge