Leabhar Love

Elaine Dunne, Home School Community Liaison, St. Kevin’s BNS, Finglas shares her perspectives on Time to Read

This is the 3rd year that the boys in St. Kevin’s B.N.S. in Finglas have been lucky enough to be involved with the Time to Read programme with ESB.

In my role I work with the children to create invites to the Time to Read launch and graduation. I link in with the parents during the year to see how their children are finding the experience. I also have accompanied the children on their library trip and workplace visit.

Over the past 3 years there has been nothing but positive feedback from both parents and children. Parent’s regularly comment that their child shows a greater interest in reading. Often children take home a book at the end of the reading session to read at home. An increase in the child’s reading fluency is also reported by parents.

Personally, I think the benefits of Time to Read stretches beyond increases in reading attainments and fluency. Quite often the 15-20 minutes of attention a child experiences during their reading session may be the only undivided attention the child receives that day. The few minutes at the start of the session where the volunteer and child have a little chat is invaluable time that develops the child’s self-confidence and belief in their self-worth.

Finally, I have found the Time to Read programme very useful in my role as HSLC. It provides me with opportunities to engage with parents as enquiring as to how a child is finding the programme serves as a great conversation starter.