Gaining confidence key to Elisa’s success story

Elisa moved to Ireland in 2014 in her early twenties and struggled to find a job for nearly 3 years. Having completed studies at third level, she didn’t have any professional experience so decided to enrol in a volunteering position for few months and also took further training hoping to increase her prospects of employment. She was unsuccessful. At the beginning she was shortlisted for interviews but didn’t get selected for the positions. Whilst she kept motivated and continued applying, she was not contacted for any interviews.

Elisa joined the EPIC Programme in 2016 and quickly realised the need to improve her English Language for work. “Through the training I learned how to layout my CV and cover letter for job applications and I also got hands on preparation for interview questions. Additionally I increased my knowledge about different topics such as the social welfare system and access to health in Ireland”.

Elisa also enrolled in a work placement with Business in the Community Ireland “I was able to gain confidence on my abilities and I developed communication skills used when dealing with customers face to face and on the phone.  I also improved my planning, organisation and multi-tasking skills. The experience helped me to get more prepared for the job market and ultimately to find employment in Ireland”.

Elisa now works with a leading ICT company.