Christiane’s story

I am Christiane, I am from Brazil and a Portuguese citizen. In Brazil, I worked in a private bank for 10 years. Last year I studied English in Galway. I love Ireland and I decided to live in Ireland because it would provide a good opportunity to improve my English and take on new challenges.

I spent 7 months looking for a job in my area. I met a Spanish friend who had completed the EPIC Programme course and he told me the course helped him a lot. He explained a little about the course and how he had gained a job in IT. He told me he learned how to prepare himself for job interviews. I was very excited to start the course.

Joining the Epic Programme helped me to create a CV and cover letter. The teacher was motivated and competent and the course encouraged me to discover my skills. I felt more confident in myself that I could win. I learned a little from each business workshop and gained tips about supports available in Ireland and the culture here.

With my Training and Employment Officer (TEO), I carried out mock interviews. I learned a lot and was able to present myself and my information in a good way at the interview. Every time I told my TEO that I had an interview, we met to talk and prepare.

I got a job with CPL in First Data. I am working in IT with implementation systems and this week I will complete 3 months. I need to work with SQL and more than 6 other tools in my role.

I do recommend the EPIC Programme. I introduced it to many people that I know are looking a job in their area. I am very happy with my job, I started my career in the company, I am very happy with my work and I hope to stay in the company for many years.