Alcon Laboratories and Glasheen Girls NS – Time to Count

An account written by Ms O’Reilly’s Third Class, Glasheen Girls NS, Co. Cork

This year we took part in the ‘Time to Count’ maths programme with our volunteers from Alcon. The programme was run by ‘Business in the Community Ireland’ and we used our Chromebooks each week to meet Cormac, Kieran, Emmett, Ben and Mairead from Alcon – which is near our school.

It was fun for us because we played games using cards and dice and got to practise our multiplication tables, division tables, number bonds and addition and subtraction. It was different to do this and they made it fun.

We were also taken on a virtual lab tour by Emmet and Cormac who had a robot that followed them around the lab by remote control – it was really cool to see them working in their white coats in Alcon. They make lenses that can help people see better.

The last day was the best when they came to the school and we played board games outside. It was really nice to have visitors to our school and I hope they come again next year. Thank you to Alcon and Business in the Community.