Vodafone is making its Menopause Toolkit available to all Irish businesses

Diversity & Inclusion - Oct 27, 2021

To mark World Menopause Day, Vodafone made its Menopause Toolkit available to all Irish businesses, encouraging employers to engage with their teams on the topic and support employees through all life stages.

Recent research conducted by Vodafone estimates that menopause currently affects around 15% of Vodafone’s 100,000 employees globally. As part of the independent study, it was found that nearly two-thirds of women (62%) who experienced menopause symptoms said that this impacted them at work and a third (33%) of those who had symptoms said they hid this at work. Half (50%) felt there is a stigma around talking about the menopause and 66% agreed there should be more workplace support for women going through menopause.

Vodafone firmly believes that any taboo topic loses power when it is addressed openly and trying to normalise these types of challenges that impact people in the workplace can also empower others to talk openly. The Vodafone Menopause Toolkit aims to create awareness and provide practical information and support for both employees and family members. It also aims to provide guidance for employers on how to better support colleagues on their journey through the menopause. We hope the Vodafone Menopause Toolkit will encourage employers to have these conversations and create an inclusive culture which allows for their people to thrive.

In March 2021, Vodafone introduced a Global Menopause Commitment which offers a balance of support and assistance, training, and awareness for Vodafone employees. Today’s announcement is the next step in our ambition to create a culture of inclusion and become the number one employer for women by 2025.

The Vodafone Menopause Toolkit is available to download now at https://lnkd.in/eAe3FkhE

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