Stand apart with sustainable products and services – Network Meeting

BITCI News - Uncategorized - Apr 17, 2015

Companies are winning business because their products or services are designed to address social or environmental considerations and to tap into an appetite among customers for more sustainable solutions.

The recent Members Networking meeting welcomed  all member CR / Sustainability Coordinators as well as Research, Product Development or Innovation leads to hear how Sustainability can be a Differentiator for your Product or Services.

Members had the opportunity to hear the business rationale from:

Musgrave Group




John Curran, Head of Sustainability, Musgrave Group on how the SuperValu Food Academy supports local small business growth, has social and environmental benefits and wins consumer recognition

Andrew Knell, Investment Strategist Global Equities, Northern Trust, London on their responsible investing solutions

Darren Murphy, Business Development Manager and Matthew McCann, Sales Director, Ricoh Ireland on how it designs and manufactures products so that they can be recycled or reused.