Spotlight on Presentation Secondary School, Limerick

Uncategorized - May 22, 2014

Mary Shee, LCA Coordinator from Presentation Secondary School, Limerick tells us about their successful link with health and beauty retailer Boots. 

“Listening to people other than teachers is one of the key success factors of the Skills @ Work Programme in our school.  The information coming from the Boots staff reinforces the messages that teachers give to students and the students love listening to real stories about peoples’ own life experiences.

They meet such a variety of staff from the Boots store, it broadens their horizons.  This year they first met a Beauty Expert, a role which they are familiar with. She was followed by a Healthcare Professional, whom they knew less about yet were curious about her role, and next was the Assistant Manager, a role in which they knew very little about at the beginning but knew lots about by the end.  Many of these roles within Boots are held by people who started on the shop floor so the students could really relate to them and really see that making an effort got positive results!”

EW Boots

Photo: David Boyce (Assistant Manager, Boots, William Street, Limerick), Mary Shee (LCA Coordinator, Presentation SS), Margaret McGovern (Manager Boots, William Street, Limerick)