Q&A with Anne-Laure Saluden CSR Manager at Veolia Transdev

Members News - Uncategorized - Jun 27, 2013

We continue our Q&A Series with the recipients of the Business Working Responsibly Mark, this month we’re delighted to discuss the Business Working Responsibly Mark with Anne-Laure Saluden, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Veolia Transdev.

1. Why did you decide to sign up for the Business Working Responsibly Mark?

Transdev has been operating Luas for 9 years and has invested many resources, both human and financial into CSR at many levels: for our employees, our customers but also the communities we serve and the wider stakeholders involved in Luas operations. Up till now we never coordinated the approach to assess how well we were doing in this area. We saw in the Mark a fantastic opportunity to conduct a full gap analysis of our overall business and identify where our strengths were and where we had room for improvement.

2.  What are the benefits to Transdev of the Business Working Responsibly Mark?

The Mark process allowed all departments in Transdev to conduct an in-depth gap analysis of their policies, processes and practices. It was the first time that our operations were looked at in such a holistic and detailed way. Safety is a paramount concern for a business like ours, transporting passengers, and though our results were excellent, we are now aiming to go even further. Indeed, the Mark Report identified where Transdev could improve, in its corporate citizenship effort as well as in its overall practices. From an external point of view, we were extremely pleased to be rewarded the Mark and to become one of the only eight companies in Ireland to receive this endorsement.

3.  What competitive advantage does the Mark give, in Transdev’s view?

The Mark enabled us to promote our corporate responsibility achievements to all stakeholders hence to raise the profile of Transdev at a national and international level. Other Transdev networks over the world are now looking at conducting similar assessments. The Mark is also bringing a genuine added value and difference from our competitors in the tender for the Luas operating contract renewal.


If you are interested to find out more about the Business Working Responsibly Mark please get in touch with Elise McCarthy, CR Advisor emccarthy@bitc.ie


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