Procter & Gamble – MET Session on Wellness

Uncategorized - Mar 03, 2015

The work place is one of the main stress inducers for most people and many employers are now providing their staff with training and tools on how to look after themselves and deal with the whole stress issue, it’s all about ‘wellness’. Schools are no different and can be very stressful places for both teachers and students. The staff at St. Conleth’s CC in Newbridge recently availed of a ‘wellness’ session, courtesy of our Management Excellence for Teachers (MET) programme and their local link company, Procter & Gamble (P & G).

procter and gamble

P & G utilise the services of a professional occupational health advisor, Sile Lynch from Laya Healthcare, to look after their employees. They very kindly loaned her to St. Conleth’s for the afternoon on 16th January to deliver a session on ‘managing the pace; work & life balance’.

So how did it go down with the 29 strong school staff?

They all found it very useful or useful;“I have attended similar talks re stress but never in my place of work. So it’s from a different perspective”.

Interestingly, they all found it very valuable or valuable to their educational role. We knew they wanted the training but didn’t anticipate that they’d want to roll it out to the students “the ideas are completely transferable to the classroom”, “Everyone benefits – teachers/students”.


The benefits of engaging with business were very much appreciated with 83% of the staff saying they would recommend this type of collaboration,“There are a lot more similarities than people imagine. Teaching can be a very isolated job as can any business positions”.

Sile’s expertise was very much appreciated with 100% rating her as excellent:“Excellent delivery – a very good introduction to the topic. Not too long and I would like to have more”.

The event was a great success! Many thanks to P & G Newbridge and the newly relaxed staff of St. Conleth’s.

Contact your local BITCI Co-ordinator if your business has something to offer a school staff or if your school would like to avail of top level training & development.