Here’s what some participants have to say about the MET Programme…

Uncategorized - Apr 02, 2013

2nd April 2013

Our Management Excellence for Teachers Programme aims to harvest the knowledge, skills and expertise of Ireland’s visionary business leaders by facilitating them in providing professional development to whole school staffs. The programme creates the space for Ireland’s top businesses to share company and staff skills through workshops with a school staff on topics that have been identified by that school staff.

The MET Programme is now in its third year, and it’s great to see new schools and companies coming on board and new ideas and topic emerging. Nationally we have had 18 sessions so far this academic year with over 350 teachers participating. Here is what some of them had to say:

‘‘It got me to reflect on myself as a person and how I bring skills/strengths and weaknesses to the job.’’
Limerick IT & St. Nessan’s on Self–Care for Teachers

“I really enjoyed the training and will allow me to continue with same. I feel that the staff will accept what I propose and engage more effectively. Thank you!”
Ballina Beverages & Moyne College Session on Teamwork

“This helps me to understand why some students judge on sight and underlines my role as teaching tolerance, understanding and acceptance of others.”
Dulux & Greenhills College on Diversity

“Much better than other in-services.”
Proctor & Gamble and Newport College Session on Personal Leadership

 “The session allowed us to scratch the surface of some issues which need further discussion. Got us thinking about the issues that need/ warrant attention.”
Diageo & Presentation SS, Warrenmount on Teambuilding

“It helped me focus on the challenges that I can do something about rather than on the ones I have no control over.”
GE Healthcare & St. Colman’s Session on Managing Change

“It made me feel positive about 2012/2013. It made me realise I always have people to turn to when things get tough.”
Ballygowan & Desmond College Session on Teambuilding

For more information on the Management Excellence for Teachers Programme click here.