The EPIC Programme will start new Pre-Employment Training in January 7th 2013

BITCI News - Uncategorized - Dec 03, 2012

Monday December 3rd 2012: The EPIC Programme is focused on increasing the job readiness of immigrants and their social integration in Ireland. It provides a 6 weeks classroom based Free training and One-to-One individual support.

The next training will start on Monday January 7th 2013. It focuses on the following themes:

  • Professional English for the Workplace
  • CV and cover letter writing techniques
  • Telephone skills for job hunting and in the workplace
  • Advice on how to look for a job
  • Interview Skills
  • Intercultural Awareness in the workplace
  • Information sessions to increase understanding of the Irish system and promote social integration. Topics include access to health, employment rights, social welfare to work and volunteering.
  • Computer Skills and Social Media

The EPIC Programme collaborates with companies such as CPL, BT, Bank of Ireland, Matheson Ormsby Prentice, Ericsson and Oracle and NGOs such as Cairde, Citizens Information Service, INOU and the Dublin City North Volunteer Centre.

For more information please call at 01 8743840 or send an email to: