EirGrid Schools Science Programme 2014 / 2015

BITCI News - Uncategorized - Nov 18, 2014

Understanding Electricity – From Power Station to PlayStation®

Bringing the curriculum to life for junior cycle science students

Anna from St Josephs College Cookstown trying out the Van de Graaff GeneratorThe exhilarating Schools Science Programme from EirGrid, Ireland’s national electricity transmission operator, is on the road again. This is the third year of the annual programme, which is based on the current junior cycle science curriculum, and hosts a series of live interactive shows in regional centres around Ireland during the academic year.

‘Understanding Electricity’, is an experimental blend of entertainment and education brought to local schools to coincide with Maths Week, Science Week and Engineers Week. The event, which is free to attend, gives students a practical introduction to electricity, the driving force of the world, illuminating its past, present and future. Demonstrations include a Van der Graaff generator, an early telegraph system and an extremely competitive dynamo bike competition – with the aim of showing how science is applicable outside of the classroom.

It is designed to help students develop an appreciation of the impact that electricity has on our lives and environment whilst exploring the exciting and varied careers possible through studying science, technology, engineering and maths.

The teachers compete on the dynamo bicycle to see who can generate the most electricityEirGrid hosted four thrilling events during the 2014 Maths Week in Tyrone and Tipperary. A massive 755 students and 22 teachers from 18 local schools participated overall making the shows a huge success.

EirGrid staff were on hand to dole out the dynamos and line up the lemons for electrifying experiments leaving those in attendance educated and exhilarated after the hair-raising experience. The team from EirGrid also painted an exciting picture of what the future could look like as revolutionary scientific breakthroughs are made every year.

The Schools Science Programme 2014/2015 will visit Kildare and Roscommon in upcoming shows for Science Week before travelling to Meath, Wexford and Offaly in the new year as part of Engineers Week. For more information on any of the shows you can visit the EirGrid website or contact them at schools@eirgrid.com.