EDU.LOGIC Gives Donegal Teachers a Taste for Coding

Uncategorized - Aug 17, 2015

IMG_6658Pramerica Systems Ireland and Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) recently hosted a Management Excellence for Teachers event to help teachers from around the county improve their programming skills.

The event, EDU.LOGIC, was intended to provide ICT teachers with the fundamentals of learning to code, and allow them to experience the relationship between hypothetical coding challenges and real-world coding applications.

These skills could then be transferred to the classroom.

Gerard Grant, vice president of information technology at Pramerica, sees the manifold benefits of educating teachers in this area.

IMG_6700“EDU.LOGIC is a good way to support knowledge development and to promote practical programming skills in the classroom. This partnership is vital to help build a more robust talent pool, and can help ensure that we will have the information technology specialists needed for the workforce of the future.”

Teachers at the event tackled coding challenges, working together and in teams. In ‘Coding Encounters’, senior developers from Pramerica presented real-world solutions to demonstrate the relevance of what was being taught at EDU.LOGIC.

EDU.LOGIC is part of the Management Excellence for Teachers programme operated by the Schools’ Business Partnership at Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI).

EDU.LOGIC Group Photo