BITCI CR Report 2011

BITCI News - Uncategorized - Oct 19, 2012

Welcome to our Sustainability report 2011.Business in the Community Ireland

In 2011, our environmental agenda was pushed a mile forward by the establishment of our Sustainability Committee reporting to our CEO. You can read about this in the environment section. Click on the cover of the report on the right to download the full report.

We encourage companies to communicate their sustainable and responsible business practices to all their stakeholders. Therefore this year, we wanted to explore how we could tell our story in the most engaging effective way. In this age when time is always of the essence we aimed to produce a short video which we hope will encompass how we operate, how we impact on the environment, how we engage staff, work with our member companies and clients and also tell you some stories about us as an organisation. Please click here to watch the video.

Key highlights:

  • In 2011, 15% of our staff took up the benefit of volunteering during the working day. In addition to this, many of our staff volunteer outside the working week. We will continue to actively promote our volunteering policy in 2012 to ensure employee engagement with the community.
  •  In 2011 we did a complete overhaul on how we segregate waste and changed suppliers, saving costs and introducing composting . We established targets and recycling points to streamline the collection within our buildings. The aim is to recycle and compost between 80% and 90% by the end of 2012.
  • 2011 was a great year on the energy front for us. We fitted electricity timers to shift much of our consumption to night consumption, reducing costs and burdening our national grid less. We also had an overhaul to more energy efficient computers and appliances, which saw us reducing our electricity consumption by 24% overall.