AIB leading the way in environmental practices

BITCI News - Uncategorized - Mar 30, 2015

AIB are a long established organisation and their 200 branches across Ireland mean that their impact on the environment has a wide reaching effect and this is something they take very seriously.

AIB are active in every sector of green business and they are embracing best practice to drive business value, both internally and externally. Outlined below are just some of the highlights from their initiatives and achievements that demonstrate the increased focus on improving AIB’s business operations by embracing best in class environmental practise.

Over the next few issues of CSR News Ireland we are going to have the opportunity to learn more about AIB’s environmental practices, from looking at how they integrate sustainability into their supply chain to how they achieved targets in waste, water, energy and transport engaging employees along the process.


AIB and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

AIB are a long standing member of CDP Ireland and have been voluntarily contributing carbon foot print data as far back as 2006. In 2013, AIB’s carbon footprint results were made public and they were awarded a “CarbonLeader” status in Ireland that year.


Apiary AIB Bank CentreIn 2014, AIB partnered with one of its customers Boyne Valley Honey and installed the first corporate roof-top apiary in Ireland. 200,000 bees are living on the roof of Bankcentre headquarters, foraging for nectar in the surrounding gardens. The Apiary symbolises their commitment to society’s awareness of the honey bees’ effect on both the environment and the economy.



Kieran HarnettAIB have partnered with GIY (Grow It Yourself) for the past four years, proudly supporting thousands of people and hundreds of communities to grow their own food. In 2014 GIY awarded 110 grants to projects around the country from the AIB Get Ireland Growing Fund, including 46 school gardens and 20 community gardens.


AIB UCD – First Branch to install Photo Voltaic for electricity generation!

A revamp of AIB’s UCD branch allowed up the opportunity to install photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electrical energy. The 50 sq.m of PV panels reduced: grid electrical consumption, carbon emissions and overall energy costs. This initiative will be rolled out to other locations this year.


Best Environmental Practise – AIB achieves the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

AIB achieved the ISO14001 accreditation for Environmental Management System in place at its headquarter building at Bankcentre. AIB intends to extend the EMS and achieve ISO14001 certification in all major head office locations in 2015.


In the next issue of CSR News we will learn about how AIB integrates sustainability into their supply chain and product offerings.