A ‘Day in the Life’ with Carbery Group & Maria Immaculata

Uncategorized - Sep 16, 2015

Maria Immaculata students welcomed employees from Carbery Group to learn more about their careers and find out what a ‘Day in the Life’ entails in the working world. One of the students, Ellie Glynn, shares her experience of the visit:

IMG_0357Four employees from Carbery Group recently came to my school, Maria Immaculata Community College in West Cork, to talk to my class about their jobs and how they got to where they are now. They talked to us in small groups, rotating around the room. There was Mike from Human Resources, Claire the food production manager, Ross from finance and Shane who has worked all over the company.

It was very interesting to discover how each individual started out doing one course/degree in college but later diverted and developed new interests.

Ross taught us that accountancy is a very versatile profession.  He studied it at UCC for 4 years and continued his training with a company. When he was fully qualified he was able to audit other companies. This was his route but Ross explained there were many other areas of finance he could have branched into. For me this was very helpful as I’m studying business for leaving cert and am deciding whether business or accountancy is the right choice for me.

Claire talked to us about her degree in food science. She could work in many industries, clinics and labs and in many other countries including the USA. She developed her career in Carbery after getting a job offer during her 4th year placement.

Mike explained the work he does as HR manager and the different industries he has worked in. One key point he mentioned was ‘everybody has to start from the bottom’!

Shane has a degree in engineering but decided to take a different route. Carbery offered to put Shane through a degree in Food science and he availed of this. Now he can input into many aspects of work in Carbery. We also learned from Shane that, as well as the educational aspect of college, the social side is important too. Developing social skills and confidence will bring you a long way in life.

Overall, the visit from the Carbery staff delivered both vital and interesting information; work hard and don’t dive straight in. Enquire and talk to as many people as you can before choosing a certain career path and most importantly they advised us to choose something we have an interest in. On behalf of my class, I would like to thank the 4 Carbery Group employees who took time out of their day to come and talk to us.