Top tips to building an inclusive workplace starting now

Diversity & Inclusion - Jul 02, 2021


Recognising that certain groups within our society face significant barriers to employment, BITCI commissioned a series of focus groups to gain an understanding of these barriers and how they can be overcome.

The barriers to inclusion were explored from both the employer and the jobseeker’s perspective. Not surprisingly similar themes came out from both groups. However, by considering the themes from two different sides, enabled us uncover some insights into how such barriers can be addressed and overcome. Barriers to employment can be grouped by 4 key themes:

Graphic of the four key themes that constitute barriers to employment:fear,, low expectations, culture, systems



Here are some of our top tips on how to overcome these barriers.


  • Including unnecessary criteria in job descriptions
  • Insisting on Irish experience in a similar role
  • Asking for school exam Results (Leaving Certificate/Junior Certificate results)
  • Asking for disclosure of criminal convictions (Ban the Box)
  • Asking for Stamp 4 or EU only
  • Using aptitude tests
  • Using complex online application forms designed for “standard” applicants
  • Using referrals to screen candidates
  • Viewing diversity & inclusion as a HR issue – it’s a whole organisation issue
  • Looking for years of experience in entry level roles
  • Hiding behind generic equal opportunities statements
  • Accepting everyday racism/sexism/jokeism in the workplace

START (or continue)

  • Creating partnerships for inclusion
  • Expanding recruitment channels
  • Screening in candidates from under represented groups
  • Offering pre-employment supports with schools or NGOs to develop future talent
  • Setting Inclusion targets for large recruitment drives
  • Making management for diversity & inclusion training mandatory
  • Exploring government supports and incentives to resource inclusion
  • Encouraging challenging conversations
  • Looking beyond the stereotype
  • Challenging bias and perception at every opportunity
  • Agreeing tangible actions and achievable targets, don’t be afraid to start small
  • Thinking of inclusion in every policy and every aspect of your business

How can BITCI support you

Find out more about our Inclusive Workplace Pledge, Elevate.

To learn more about how we can support you in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, check out our diversity and inclusion offering.

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