Response to the war in Ukraine

BITCI News - Community - Mar 09, 2022

In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine we have put together a list of organisations doing work in this humanitarian crisis and accepting donations from individuals and businesses alike.


 UNICEF is working across Ukraine to scale up life-saving programmes for children. This includes trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas; prepositioning health, hygiene and emergency education supplies as close as possible to communities near the line of contact; and working with municipalities to ensure there is immediate help for children and families in need. UNICEF-supported mobile teams are also providing psychosocial care to children traumatized by chronic insecurity. 

 UNICEF are working with municipalities to ensure that there is immediate help for children and families in need; deploying multisectoral cash responses; and monitoring the situation of children that have been severely impacted by the conflict.  

 Irish Red Cross 

The Irish Red Cross have a public appeal active at the moment to collect emergency funding and are supporting communities on the ground with food, medicine, shelter and water.


The UNHCR estimate that more than 100,000 must have already moved out of their homes in Ukraine, seeking safety in other parts of the country. A few thousands have crossed over into Moldova in particular, some in Romania and other countries. They will need first and foremost support in Ukraine for humanitarian operations, but they may need support in neighbouring countries if the crisis escalates and they see a major refugee crisis. The biggest challenge will be inside Ukraine, especially in this military situation we’re witnessing right now.  

 Below are some examples of how urgent financial support can help. 

  • Around $1,200,000 is enough to provide heavy repairs to a 100 severely damaged households in Ukraine, including roof repair, to ensure they feel safe in their own home. 
  • Around $449,000 can help provide medium repairs (medium damage incl. windows, door) to 100 damaged households in Ukraine. 
  • Around $73,000 can provide light repairs (minor damage or windows only) to 100 damaged households in Ukraine. 
  • Around $70,000 is enough to provide a package of cash assistance to 100 families in Ukraine. 
  • Around $3,275 is enough to provide warm fleece blankets to 100 families (of five) in need in Ukraine. 
  • Around $1,300 can provide plastic tarpaulin to 100 families in Ukraine, to help them protect their damaged home or shelter from the elements. 

 You can donate through their website.


 Trócaire will be supporting Ukraine through their partner Caritas, both in Ukraine and Poland. There is also now a dropdown option for Ukraine available on their website where donations are ringfenced just for Ukraine. 

 The three categories of people that Caritas Ukraine are supporting are:

1) people in transit, supporting them to make their way to the border

2)those who are left behind- supporting them with supplies

3) those who reach the border –  providing food, shelter, transport and psycho social support. 

 Caritas Poland are also working on the border. Poland has received 400,000 refugees from Ukraine over the past week and volunteers from Caritas Poland are providing food, blankets, hygiene kits and other essentials to people at the border as they arrive. 


 GOAL has deployed members of their Emergency Response Unit to the region to assess and shape their response to the Ukraine Crisis and the refugee flows that are now gathering pace. Food, water, shelter and basic non-food items, as well as assistance in availing of asylum and social services are the major priority. 

 Right now, thousands upon thousands of Ukrainian women, children and the elderly are amassing in the west of the country and flowing into neighbouring countries, namely Poland, Slovakia and Moldova. GOAL are well positioned to deliver humanitarian aid to those affected. In Ukraine and border countries, GOAL is working with local reputable partners to support refugees and internally displaced people. 

 Examples of what your support can do: 

  • Hygiene kits containing soap and other hygiene and sanitary items. 
  • Provision of food kits for families and the refugee community. 
  • Accomodation and resettlement services including including psychosocial support. 

Donations are accepted via their website.

 Irish Refugee Council 

The Irish Refugee Council are currently focussing on advice and information to Ukrainian people trying to leave, on their way, or who have arrived. They are anticipating a huge increase in demand on services in coming days.  

They are funnelling queries through their information note.  

 Any grants to them right now will go to bringing in extra capacity to support refugees in Ireland.  

 Médicins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) 

 The situation is evolving fast, and MSF calls all sides to ensure protection of medical facilities and assure people’s access to health care. Despite the volatile situation, MSF is doing everything they can to ensure they remain in a position to respond to medical needs. MSF has been working in eastern Ukraine for over seven years, providing health care to remote and vulnerable populations. 

At this time, they are not able to earmark funds for Ukraine. Donors can still contribute to the general donations.

  LGBTI Organisations to support in Ukraine 

 Ways to support LGBTI organisations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries can be found here.

 European Food Banks Federation 

 More information on their initiative and ways to support can be found here 

 Save The Children 

They are supporting children still in Ukraine with online mental health sessions and they’re providing support through local partners to make sure families can access medicine as well as water and dwindling food supplies through Slavic Heart, their partner organisation. As the conflict intensifies, more and more families are coming to Slavic Heart to stock up on essentials and find a safe place to sleep before they continue their journey. 

 In Romania, they’re making sure families can get food, clothing, toys and essentials like nappies. They’re also helping children to stay safe and offering psychological support to help them cope with this massive upheaval. They’re also getting ready to help families in Poland, where the number of refugees continues to increase dramatically. It’s still early days in their response, and they’ll continue to expand wherever they can, working through partners and with both refugee and host communities.  

Save the Children’s Emergency Fund supports children and families wherever the need is greatest, to survive when disaster strikes, rebuild their lives and prepare for future shocks. By donating to this flexible fund, you can help children make it through crises and believe in a better future.  

 Local Organisations to Support  

 A list of local organisations to support compiled by Obama Foundation can be found here.

 Other organisations

The Community Foundation for Ireland

The Community Foundation for Ireland is making emergency support available to assist people impacted by the war in Ukraine.

On behalf of donors they have made two grants available. The Irish Red Cross is receiving support to assist those on the ground. The Immigrant Council of Ireland, a long-standing partner, is being supported to assist those seeking shelter and safety in our communities and to assist with immigration issues as they arise such as Family Reunification.

 Download more information on how to support CFI in their initiatives.


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