What can you do to help bees?

BITCI News - Mar 02, 2017

At our recent biodiversity workshop on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, we did a nature walk around an urban green space to see what simple actions businesses can take to support pollinators on their sites, in employees’ gardens, and in their local communities.

Everybody loves green spaces, but they’re not necessarily great for wildlife! Bees in particular are in need of a helping hand. Did you know that a Queen Bee emerging from hibernation in early Spring can get through 6,000 flowers per day? Finding food at this time of year is a major challenge for hungry pollinators: many green spaces – in our communities, our gardens and our workplaces – can be low on flowers. But we can help.

Business in the Community Ireland

At last month’s biodiversity workshop, Erin-Jo Tiedeken from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan joined us for a stroll through the Iveagh Gardens to look at the simple ways to make green spaces more bee-friendly.

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