What are Science Based Targets and why are they important to your business?

BITCI News - Mar 01, 2021

Watch this video from our Sustainability Adviser Nick Reynolds explaining what are science based targets.

To overcome climate change, we need to start seeing a faster level and rate of change occurring in all areas of our lives. We need Governments around the world to put the structures in place to direct and support the shift to a low carbon economy, through regulations and incentives.

Businesses need to set more ambitious carbon reduction targets and adapt to the risks of a more unpredictable world where climate events are intensifying and being seen more frequently than ever before.

Businesses around the world are stepping up and aligning their carbon reduction efforts with the Paris Agreement, to reduce global warming to well below 2˚C. Over 1000 global companies, with value chains that expand across the globe, have already committed to setting a Science-Based target ‘SBT’.

To be in a position to set these types of targets, businesses need to continue to measure their carbon and environmental impacts. They need to work with their suppliers, competitors, and peers to develop new initiatives and approaches to decarbonising supply chains and develop the action plans of tomorrow, as we move towards a low carbon economy.

Business will play a key role in our fight against climate change, as they develop greener and more sustainable services and products. In turn, this will help change mindsets towards a more sustainable approach in how we live our lives.

If you are a business that does not yet understand what your carbon impacts are across your value chain, we urge you to start these conversations internally BITCIs Report, Progressing Towards Science Based Targets, can support you on this journey, as you start to develop the structures to measure and better understand your carbon and environmental impacts.

At BITCI we will continue to work with Irish Business through the Low Carbon Pledge. On March 24th we will be launching the new Low Carbon Pledge commitments.

If you are a business that wants to take climate action seriously, we urge you to sign-up to the Low Carbon Pledge and be a part of the movement towards making Ireland the most sustainable place to do business.

Watch out for our campaign on March 24th #LowCarbonPledge.