Tony O’Malley talks about the benefits of the Mark

BITCI News - Leadership - May 29, 2018

Tony O’Malley CEO of Fujitsu Ireland talks about the benefits of going for and achieving the Business Working Responsibly mark. The only independently audited standard for CSR and Sustainability in Ireland.

The Mark assesses best in class corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability and looks at leadership, policies, practices, performance, and impact in areas such as; employee engagement, innovation, environmental practices, supply chain management and engagement with the local community.

Accepting the Mark Tony O’Malley CEO of Fujitsu Ireland said: “We are honoured and pleased to receive the Business Working Responsibly Mark for a second time. Achieving the Mark is a real testament to the commitment every employee has shown to our CSR programme. Fujitsu’s long-term goal is to develop information technology (IT) that enables a more prosperous society. As the role of IT becomes more pervasive in everyday life, from transport and energy through to healthcare and education, Fujitsu remains committed to making a positive impact to the society in which we operate”.


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