#StrongerTogether with Sarah Whelan, PwC volunteer

PwC is one of the companies participating in the Business Impact Mapand the #strongertogether campaign. The interactive map showcases what companies are doing for their local communities across the country and also shows the collective impact of the network. Today as we unveil the impact achieved by the participating companies in 2017 we take the opportunity to hear from the volunteers that make this impact a reality.

Here we hear from Sarah Whelan, a volunteer from PwC.

Tell us about your volunteering experience

I volunteered with Localise through PwC. We engaged with a school on Seville Place, just off Sherriff Street in the north inner city to organise and host a charity event. The pupils of the school decided on the charity event and the proceeds were donated to the cause of their choice. Last years’ event was a School Quiz and Autism Sensory Room in which PwC employees took part in. All proceeds raised were donated to As I Am, a local autism charity. In the weeks leading up to the event, myself and the other volunteers met with the pupils weekly to discuss the cause, why they want to help people with Autism and we also met As I Am founder, Adam Harris, who presented to the school and was also on hand at the event itself.

Why did you decide to take part and volunteer?

I decided to volunteer with Localise as I wanted to know more about inner city Dublin and engage with the area that I work in. I knew it would be a challenging experience working with kids but I wanted to push past my comfort zone and learn new skills. I knew it would be a rewarding experience – and I was right.

What did you enjoy from the experience?

The experience was thoroughly rewarding – I learned a lot about the area, not just what I can see from the office window. I had the chance to engage with kids who were initially hesitant and show them how to work as a team and how to organise an event for a cause like Autism. The kids on my team were absolutely fantastic, I’m delighted to be back again volunteering with Localise this year again!

What would you say to a colleague who hasn’t volunteered before to encourage him/her to give it a go?

Volunteering with Localise is a great way to give back while also having fun. I left the school laughing every week.


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