Shaping the Future of Work

New publication by the Leaders Group on Sustainability Worker of the Future sub-group

Business in the Community Ireland

As we emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, business decisions are being made about new ways of working that could have lasting impact and, perhaps, unintended consequences.

While many conversations are taking place, along with advice on the re-opening of the Irish economy, it appears the focus has largely been on legislation and formal policies.  What is often missing from these discussions is depth on the worker experience and the insights around people and culture. It is this people perspective that the Leaders’ Group on Sustainability Worker of the Future subgroup* has been focusing on.

It is important to reflect on the change that has been accelerated in recent months, to see beyond the headlines and group-think, and identify what elements of the change are serving us well and are sustainable.

  • It is also crucial to ask, who are the changes working for?
  • Who is being left behind or otherwise at risk?
  • What ultimately is our vision and how is this reflected in our work culture ?


The challenge now for responsible business is to take the holistic approach in moving to new ways of working and ensure that what is good for business is good for the worker and for society.

At this time of uncertainty, the challenge is to keep looking outward and not become too insular.   Questioning the future impact of decisions now being made is essential.

In the new publication ” Shaping the Future of Work” you will access the sub-group’ perspectives on four themes: Culture, Skills, Inclusion, and Wellbeing. You will also read how some of Ireland’s leading companies, from a variety of sectors, are quite possibly developing best practice in addressing current challenges with a focus on future resilience in the face of ongoing change. The businesses featured in the publication are: A&L Goodbody, Accenture, ESB, Deloitte, Musgrave, Momentum, Northern Trust and Vodafone.

Visit the Worker of the Future section to download “Shaping the Future of Work” publication. 

Visit our sustainability areas of expertise to see how we help businesses on diversity & inclusion in the workplace.



*The Leaders’ Group on Sustainability, drawn from companies who have achieved the Business Working Responsibly Mark, is a coalition of companies striving to improve the sustainability of the Irish business sector through sharing best practice and creating new ways of doing business.  One of the areas the Leaders’ Group is addressing is the future of work. The ‘Worker of the Future Sub-Group’ was established to develop a view on the responsible business approach to the challenges presented by future of work scenarios.




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