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BITCI News - Mar 30, 2016

To help you stay informed on all things CSR please find below a collection of recent national and international news items and reports that we have tracked and shared on social media during the month of March.

CSR Europe launches Blueprint For Embedding Human Rights in Key Company Functions 

(CSR Europe)

The publication breaks down the embedding process into six different elements, describes trends for each and provides real-life examples from multi-national companies. It also looks at how to embed Human Rights in three company functions, Risk, Human Resources and Procurement.

Industry- specific examples and ideas for corporate action related to the Sustainable Development Goals

(UN Global Compact)

Showcases industry-specific examples and ideas for corporate action related to the SDGs. Presented in a series of publications, each matrix will highlight bold pursuits and decisions made by diverse companies for each SDG.

What is a materiality assessment and why is it a key component of your #CSRstrategy? We explain


Materiality assessment is about identifying the CSR priorities you should focus on and report on with your stakeholders. I n this short article we provide tips and information on carrying out a materiality assessment.

A World First: Ranking Of Human Rights Performance By Listed Companies Begins

(Via Forbes)

“How companies are managing human rights is an important commercial issue, and the competitive nature of the market is a powerful driver for change. From that initial premise, and after two years of development, the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) launches today as the world’s top 100 companies in the agricultural products, apparel and extractive industries receive its rigorously developed methodology and start to participate in its disclosure platform.”


Morningstar launches new sustainability rating for sustainable investors

(Via Morning Star)

“To help investors evaluate funds based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, Morningstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, today introduced the Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ for funds. The new rating will enable investors around the world to evaluate mutual funds and exchange-traded funds based on how well the companies held in their funds are managing their ESG risks and opportunities.”

United’s LAX-SFO route (and soon all of their Los Angeles flights) are switching to biofuels—biofuels that come from a surprising source.

(Via FastCoExist)

The commuters for the heavily traveled route, which takes a little more than an hour to fly between the cities, won’t notice anything. But the flight won’t be running on its usual jet fuel. Instead, it will be running on biofuel converted from trash and farm waste.