National Giving Week 11th – 17th November

BITCI News - Nov 11, 2013

The One Percent Difference campaign launches National Giving Week which aims to create a debate about giving in Ireland for the week of the 11th to the 17th of November. The aim is to promote the relevance of Philanthropy in Ireland and to demonstrate its importance to the future development of Irish society. If you are interested in the area of philanthropy, please contact our sister organisation, The Community Foundation for Ireland at

Many of our member companies every year support thousands of communities with volunteering hours and donations. According to our Business Impact Map last year our members made over 4,800 connections and donated over 20 Million.

Check out the impact our members have made on communities throughout Ireland on the Business Impact Map.

If you are interested in this area you can also read our article on the Evolution of Community Involvement.

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