Environmental groups call on Taoiseach to attend Rio Sustainability Conference

BITCI News - Jun 20, 2012

Thursday, 20th June 2012: Environmental groups have today welcomed Phil Hogan’s attendance at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development and called on the Taoiseach to join him in Brazil.

“In is vitally important that senior politicians are there to hear the uncomfortable truth that the world remains on an unsustainable track despite hundreds of internationally agreed goals and objectives”, said Michael Ewing of the Environmental Pillar. “Enda Kenny’s attendance at this conference would signal Ireland’s commitment to sustainable development and to the development ideas on how to create jobs in an environmentally and socially sustainable green economy.”

“Ireland has a great tradition in engaging with the UN, and this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Ireland to support the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.  This is the most important global event in the last decade, and its success is essential if we are to increase human well-being based on sustainable resource use and protection of the living systems that are essential to humanity”, he added.

The Environmental Pillar also criticized negative media reports on Minister Hogan’s attendance at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development which it claims diverted the public’s attention from the fact that the “the world continues to speed down an unsustainable path”. According to the latest Global Environmental Outlook report little or no progress has been seen on many of the 500 internationally agreed environmental goals which include climate change, fish stocks, desertification and drought.

Press release via Irish Environmental Network.

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