Our Employment Business Programmes

BITCI News - May 17, 2012


Helping people get back to work in Ireland

We run two innovative programmes, Ready for Work and EPIC which are aimed at helping people get back to work. Businesses in Ireland have a huge role to play impacting on the issues of homelessness and integration of immigrants.

Our Ready for Work programme is unique in having the employment of formerly homeless people as its sole objective. Over 60 companies have provided work placements or other supports, reporting that they see the benefits too, including enhancement of reputation and staff development.

EPICEmployment for People from Immigrant Communities- is currently a Dublin only programme which to date has impacted the lives of over 1300 people from 93 nationalities. 69% of our clients have found jobs or entered training or are volunteering. EPIC brings huge benefits to clients in terms of improving their English, their job seeking skills, raising their motivation and confidence, increasing their understanding of Irish culture and the work environment; building their networks and promoting overall social integration.