Civil marriage equality supporting Irish business

BITCI News - May 05, 2015

Companies value equality, diversity and inclusion.

Business leaders believe that people are their company’s most important asset. Continued success in business depends on being able to attract, nurture and retain the very best and brightest people. This can only be achieved in a working environment and a country where everyone is valued equally.

register to voteOur companies are committed to ensuring non-discrimination in the workplace. Ensuring lesbian and gay employees are not discriminated against in wider Irish society will help businesses achieve this goal. Civil marriage equality sends a very clear signal to employees and customers that Ireland is committed to equality and diversity.

Ireland’s reputation for openness, inclusion and diversity has been hard won. Every neighbouring country which neighbours Ireland has civil marriage equality. Civil marriage equality in Ireland will help us keep lesbian and gay employees and their skills here in Ireland. Ireland’s ability to attract diverse international talent will also be enhanced.

Successful businesses reflect the diversity of their staff, customers, shareholders and our communities.

Enabling loving, committed couples to be civilly married, regardless of their sexual orientation will contribute to a stronger economy and a stronger Ireland.

Many of our companies are considering how they can address the forthcoming referendum on Civil Marriage Equality.

Please find below some options for action.

  1. Encourage staff to get out and vote. Some companies are encouraging their staff to register to vote and to vote on the day. Allowing time for staff to go to vote e.g. early finish on Friday 22nd
  2. Invite a speaker in to talk about Diversity . Some companies have asked speakers from the LGBT community to come in and talk to their staff about their life experiences. IBEC ran an information event on this topic and may be able to offer further advice.
  3. Share this article on the business case for Marriage Equality. Companies may wish to start the conversation and to show why this is an issue for business. Please feel free to distribute this post or refer to IBEC’s social policy document Civil marriage equality and the business case on their website.
  4. If your company has a stated ‘yes’ policy, be vocal. Earlier this month, 379 organisations urged the US Supreme Court to remove the ban on same-sex marriage. As many as 60 of these organisations are also based in Ireland including Apple, Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, Johnson and Johnson and Microsoft.
  5. Do nothing. Many companies feel that this is a political issue and feel that they should not address it.