BITCI and CFI launch 2014 sustainability report

BITCI News - Jul 27, 2015

As an organisation that promotes sustainable and responsible business practices, it is especially important for us to lead by example and report on our own sustainability.

down to earth logoWe understand the importance of articulating and accounting for our impacts – both positive and negative – and communicating them in a sustainability report. We hope to inspire other small and medium-sized organisations to do the same.

Our sustainability team is responsible for managing and integrating sustainability in both of our organisations under the Down to Earth sustainability programme. The committee meets every six weeks and is responsible for developing an action plan, raising awareness of sustainability initiatives with staff and preparing our annual sustainability report. It comprises representatives from all functions of the organisation, including representatives from the senior management team.

Our 2014 report is now available. Click here to download (PDF 2.04MB)

sustainability report 2014 BITCI and CFI (2.04MB)

If you are an SME and are interested in finding out how you can also develop a sustainability report please contact Jennifer Casey