Biodiversity Learning Network: The Business Case for Biodiversity

BITCI News - Oct 16, 2017

We recently held our 4th and final Biodiversity Learning Network of 2017, hosted by RTE, which focused on building a Business case for Biodiversity. We heard from a number of BITCI member companies, went on a nature walk, announced the winners of the BITCI Biodiversity Photography Competition, and had a chance to meet some of the environmental NGOs at the environmental fair to end off the event.

Hearing from the experts and member companies on the day, we were able to explore the business case for biodiversity in your organisation: how to build it, how to engage senior management, and how to frame the agenda.

Listed below are a few points aimed at building the Business case for Biodiversity:

  1. Attract, retain and engage employees: Millennials care about biodiversity – 75% of workforce by 2025
  1. Improve employee well-being and engagement: Positive impact on productivity, cognition, attitude, concentration, stress
  1. Be seen as a leader and boost your reputation: Biodiversity has been on the ‘too hard’ pile for too long!
  1. Manage regulatory risk (e.g. in protected areas): Best in class voluntary management = better relationships with regulators
  1. Exceed customer expectations: Customer preferences are changing, increasing awareness
  1. Meet CSR and sustainability targets: Business Working Responsibly Mark, global standards and best practice

 “We do not inherit the EARTH from our ANCESTORS; we borrow it from our CHILDREN.” (Native American Proverbs)

Join us in 2018 where BITCI will be holding another four Biodiversity Learning Networks, which will continue to aim at helping organisations along their biodiversity journey.

And here are the amazing winning photos:


Community: Claire Walsh, Communications Specialist at Permanent TSB for ‘Hidden Lake’
Commute: Mark Ashby, Operations Executive at KBC for his photo of an owl in flight – Overall Winner
General: Colin Fitzpatrick at Oracle for ‘Deer in Phoenix Park’
On Site: Brian Robinson, Technical Services Officer at ESB for ‘This PPE Tastes Great’