2021 the year for climate action

BITCI News - Environment - Mar 01, 2021

AUTHOR: Nick Reynolds Low Carbon Pledge Lead

We are well into 2021 and the pandemic is still very much centre stage in our lives. Most businesses across the world are well versed in working from a virtual setting and as we look forward to a post-Covid world our operations will look very different, and let’s hope for the good.

Being an optimist at heart, I always look for a positive in every situation. Seeing first-hand how businesses have been able to change the way they operate at rates we never thought possible has shown me our strengths and how resilient we can be. This ability will be key in helping us tackle some of the big challenges that lay ahead as we focus our attention on the climate crisis.

Key climate events of 2021

I believe 2021 will be the year the world faces the climate challenge head on with many significant climate milestones.

Globally, the US is back in the picture as they re-commit to the Paris Agreement and vow to take a leadership role on climate action going forward.

With COP26 in Glasgow scheduled for later this year, there is the expectation of an increased ambition around climate action to be made as we race to halving our global emissions by 2030.

We also have COP15, aimed at Biological Diversity, where we expect Science-Based Targets for Nature to be launched, as well as a decision on the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework to be made. Protecting our ecosystems and nature will be key to our climate challenge.

Sustainable investment

More and more investors are placing a higher importance on environmental and sustainability credentials and ambitions than ever before and this will continue to grow, placing further importance on transparency and how we effectively and accurately communicate our sustainability and environmental performance.

Climate action in Ireland

Closer to home a new Climate Action Plan is being developed, with revised targets and objectives for all sectors to further decrease their carbon and environmental impact, as Ireland pushes ahead to get back on track and lose the laggard tag when it comes to climate action.

2021 will be a year of climate and nature action and businesses around the world need to be in a position to take the next steps required. From the discussions I have been having with our over 100 members on the New Low Carbon Pledge Commitment, which now focuses on setting science-based targets, Irish Business is stepping up to the challenge. BITCI members are taking this agenda very seriously, with many already re-committing to The Pledge.

Business Action on climate on 24th March 

The Launch of the New Pledge Commitment will take place on the 24th of March, join our event which will include a special keynote address by Minister Eamonn Ryan. Find out more details on the event. 

Business in the Community IrelandDownload our “Progressing towards Science Based Targets “publication.

If you are a member and have yet to sign-up to The Pledge there is still time for you to do so, please contact Low Carbon Pledge Lead Nick Reynolds nreynolds@bitc.ie



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