10 tips to a more sustainable Christmas

BITCI News - Dec 19, 2017

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year; however it can have a deep negative impact on the environment. Recycling company Repak predict that we will generate over 70,000 tonnes of used packaging over the holidays 25 per cent more than we do during the year. Follow our 10 tips to see how you can relish the most wonderful time of the year while looking after the earth too.



  1. Buy your gifts and cards in charity shops.

Charity shops are amazing places to find clothes, ornaments, books and fashion. They have strong recycling schemes and you get the feel good factor knowing that you are cutting down on waste while giving money to a good cause. Most charity shops sell a range of Christmas cards too so you can end up killing two birds with the one stone. There are many charity shops on George’s Street, Camden Street and in most local towns. Find your local charity shop here https://www.icsa.ie/

  1. Make your own Gifts

Why not make your own gifts? Creating your own gifts can be worthwhile, and handmade presents are always more meaningful. For ideas look here https://www.diyncrafts.com/9351/homemade/100-mind-blowing-diy-christmas-gifts-people-actually-want

  1. Re-gift 
    Why keep a gift that you do not need? Wouldn’t it be better to let someone else use it and get joy from it? This will also free up some space in your house, just be careful not to give the gift to the person who gave it to you in the first place.
  1. Send electronic cards

Christmas cards add to the waste of Christmas. You can still bring joy to family and friends and show that you remember them through e-greeting cards. You can even personalise them.

  1. Give Experiences instead of items

Instead of giving a gift that may never be used and may end up lying in the attic, why not give the gift of an experience with memories that will last. A present i.e.  theatre tickets, cinema tickets or a visit to a museum or gallery can be a very welcome treat.

  1. Use your leftovers

Every Christmas there are leftovers. We buy and serve food as if the world were ending and have enough to last a week in leftovers. Turkey and ham sandwiches are always a treat but there are many more things you can do with your leftovers. From pasta to pizza you can find many recipes here.


  1. Make your own cards and labels

Making cards can be fun especially if there are children involved. A glue stick, glitter, cotton wool and paint can work wonders. You can also cut up previously received cards and use them instead of labels.

  1. Green gift wrapping

According to Repak 6 million rolls of wrapping paper or the same weight as 94,240 Christmas trees are used in Ireland during Christmas. We can cut this down by using alternatives to wrapping paper, from newspaper to cloth to maps, there are many ways to make your gifts look beautiful without adding to the landfill.

Here are some ideas https://inhabitat.com/6-eco-friendly-gift-wrap-alternatives/

  1. Save Energy

Only leave Christmas lights on in the room that you are in, In addition, LED and other low-energy Christmas lights can be a good option to save energy.

  1. Recycle

Don’t let your unwanted gifts end up in landfill or gathering dust in your dresser. If you have a receipt you can return it. Or you could re-gift it or donate it, therefore passing on the joy.

We hope these tips are helpful and we wish you a very merry and sustainable Christmas from everyone at BITCI!