Last Week for applying to European CSR Awards in Ireland

BITCI News - Feb 20, 2013

With the deadline for applications to the European CSR Awards in Ireland being next Monday the 25th February, there is only one week left to complete your application form and submit your entry! To request an application form please contact Shane Mulchrone at or by phone on 01-8743823.

The overall aim of the CSR Award Scheme is for the best European CSR multistakeholder projects to be brought into focus and thus enhance the exchange of best practices. At national level, the scheme will have two categories, one for partnerships involving small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and one for partnerships involving larger companies. The Award Scheme will put particular emphasis on innovation with the hope of accelerating business to create innovative solutions to tackle sustainability issues. National Awards Schemes will also include an award criterion related to the positive impacts of the partnership on society and on the enterprise in question.

Entry to the awards will be open until midnight on Monday February 25th 2013. Entries must be submitted, during this period, by email to with the subject line: CSR Europe Awards 2013 Final Submission – Company Name(s) and the completed Word document application attached. The Partner Verification Form is part of your application. Please complete it and attach it as part of your application form. You need one verification form for each non business partner.

Please complete the Chief Executive’s Sign Off Form separately and post to Mr. Shane Mulchrone, Business in the Community Ireland, 32 Lower O’ Connell Street, Dublin 1. Sign-off form must be received by Monday the 25th February 2013. You need one Chief Executive’s Sign Off for each company participating in the partnership (if there is more than one).

Entry to the awards is free and is open to all businesses in the Republic of Ireland.

If you have any queries regarding the awards or filling in the application form please contact Shane Mulchrone at or by telephone 01-8743823