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At Lidl, we believe it is our responsibility to build a successful, sustainable future, not just for our business, but for the communities we serve. This commitment is enshrined in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, A Better Tomorrow. Through the community pillar of this strategy, we are partnered with Jigsaw – the National Centre for Youth Mental Health.

Since becoming Jigsaw’s charity partner in 2018 , Lidl has pledged to raise €1million as well as national awareness for youth mental health. Our objective is to positively contribute to the communities in which we live and operate. To date, we have worked with Jigsaw on a range of innovative national and local campaigns to promote youth mental health.

  • One Good ManagerTM with Lidl colleagues.
  • One Good ClubTM national programme in association with another key Lidlpartner, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA).
  • One Good SchoolTM – we have raised and committed over €500k to Jigsaw’s national One Good SchoolTM
  • One Good Adult® – each year in the lead up to World Mental Health Day, we have prioritised the role we can all play in supporting youth mental health across all our communications channels
  • National Awareness Campaigns – OneGoodAdult®

In support of our partner, we devised a nationwide awareness campaign with clear aims:

  • Reach – Make information on youth mental health available to all
  • Resources – Share this information on youth mental health in a simplified manner
  • Context – Highlight the role we can all play – #OneGoodAdult
  • Empower – Provide a first step to supporting. The power of listening.

Evidence from Jigsaw’s My World Survey 2 (2019 )* indicated 66% of young people who reported the presence of a trusted adult they could talk to when they needed support, resulted in better mental health, One Good Adult. Considering our customer base is largely adults and adults with children, we developed a bespoke awareness campaign on how we can all be One Good Adult through the power of ‘Listening’. Determined to reach as many as possible, we switched off all marketing promotion for one full week to support youth mental health.

Awareness Campaign Impacts

Jigsaw’s annual brand tracker reported spontaneous awareness of Jigsaw increased to 13%. Our communications reached over 1m people across each platform (TV, radio, social and digital). Over half a million products were sold with dedicated Jigsaw messaging – meaning over 500k households had the message at home. We also saw over 30k people redeem our free tea promotion to support their listening journey with their young person close to them. This promotion featured on the last page of a free information booklet and guide made available across all stores. However, the greatest impact received to date has been hearing anecdotal feedback from service users, members, young people and clinicians in Jigsaw on how the campaign impacted them directly.

Jigsaw since covid-19

In responding to this Covid19 pandemic, Jigsaw had to rethink how to be there for young people and those around them.  On March 12th, Jigsaw announced the temporary suspension of their 12 face-to-face services and One Good SchoolTM programme. Less than two weeks later, Jigsaw announced their suite of digital services and responses on  In the past three months Jigsaw have seen:

  • Visitors to quadrupled
  • Over 7,500 educators accessed our online supports
  • Over 4,900 support calls to young people made and received.
  • Our Jigsaw Connect webinar series for young people, parents and educators reached max capacity

Jigsaw now

What is clear is that Jigsaw will emerge from the crisis a different organisation; one with a broader focus offering a more blended and holistic suite of services and supports for young people, their parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches and colleagues. This approach will offer more personalised and bespoke support to young people, their families and communities, including, face-to-face support, phone support (1800 JIGSAW), video call support, email support, group chats, online supportive content, webinars, plus, much, much more.  Plus, the roll out of their One Good SchoolTM  programme will be continuing as soon as circumstances allow.

Lidl Supports Jigsaw

In response to Covid-19, we have continued to promote Jigsaw across our channels, including utilising our LGFA ambassadors to spread the word that Jigsaw’s support is still available. In addition, we also extended our partnership until 2022 to provide security and stability for our partner in a time of uncertainty.

While this crisis is impacting young people in so many ways, it also creates many new challenges for parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches and colleagues. We all need be there to support young people through these difficult times, but we also need to ensure we look after our own mental health, because we cannot support others if we are not supporting ourselves. With this in mind, we have adjusted our awareness approach this year to respond to the impact of Covid-19 for young people, parents, teachers, everyone. We are proud to invest in such a valuable cause to society in particularly challenging times for all of our mental health.

Lidl support Jigsaw, and Jigsaw support us all to find ways to support our mental health, so we can be there to support our young people. Learn more at


*My World Survey 2 (2019) available at

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