The Fujitsu Ireland Volunteering Programme

The Fujitsu Ireland Volunteering Programme has been an ongoing initiative for the past 10 years. We have three primary philanthropic relationships, our charity partner: the National Council of the Blind Ireland (NCBI) and our historical charity relationships, St. Joseph’s School Rush & St. Michael’s House for the intellectually disabled.

In April 2016, Fujitsu entered into a 24 month charity partnership with NCBI. The main aims of this partnership is to reduce the extraordinarily high unemployment rates among working age people with sight loss and foster a sustainability plan to allow for this charity to prosper and continue to grow long after the partnership’s cessation.

Together with NCBI, Fujitsu developed and delivered a series of workshops which focus on gainful employment for NCBI service users. To date, Fujitsu employees have volunteered to deliver:

  • three CV and Interview Skills Workshops to blind and visually impaired people actively seeking meaningful employment;
  • an Inclusion Kickstarter which served to increase their awareness and understanding of people with disabilities;
  • a Duvet Day Raffle for a day of annual leave;
  • a table Quiz;
  • Dine in the Dark (fundraiser in which participants eat with blindfolds);
  • audio book recordings;
  • a night cycle for 2 years running
  • the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon for 2 consecutive years.

In 2017, Fujitsu Ireland logged 692 Volunteer Hours, €16,300 in cash donations, €1,900 InKind Donations and €10,111 in Employee Fundraising. Year 2 of this charity partnership includes the development of a technical project which aims to assist urban living for the visionary impaired, demonstrating our commitment to a long lasting societal impact. To date 52% of the Year 2 fundraising target has been achieved in the first 5 months of the year.

Similar community enhancement goals are outlined in our School Business Partnership with St. Joseph’s School Rush & St. Michael’s House. Fujitsu in partnership with St. Joseph’s School Rush, seeks to engage our employees in our quest to provide support to vulnerable students that are at risk of dropping out before graduation and inspiring the next generation to transcend to third level education.  A particular emphasis is placed upon developing young men and women for careers in STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) subjects. Fujitsu employees deliver a CV and Interview Skills Workshop which focuses on preparing students for real life interviews. As part of the programme, Fujitsu invite the students to interview for an internship positions and 4 are selected to work in the company for 2 weeks.

As an organisation, Fujitsu holds the core belief that its multinational presence must foster and develop a shared value for society through long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Fujitsu Ireland has achieved the Business Working Responsibly mark. 

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