The ESB Inchicore Depot Deep Energy Retrofit

Members News - Environment - May 15, 2018

The ESB depot building in Inchicore is a typical example of some ESB older building stock, which was in need of modernisation and energy saving upgrades. Heat losses through the exterior façade were addressed with high performance triple glazed windows combined with 100mm external wall insulation and 150mm roof insulation as follows:


Replaced existing metal frame single glazing with triple glazed thermally broken aluminium frames. Glass was Sunguard Neutral, argon filled giving a G value of 0.4 and a U value of 1.1. Windows were from the APA range ST70 with a u value of 1.4.

Window reveals

40mm HD EPS insulated boards around window and door reveals

External Insulation

All external walls were insulated as follows: 100mm Phenolic foam board(lambda value 0.02) placed horizontally on the wall, staggering joints and interlocking boards at all insides and corners and all joints butted tightly, mechanically fixed using non metallic hammer fixings at a rate of 5 per board to entirety of external elevation. Parex Lanko  external wall insulation system. 120mm starter track at required level. Use Parex CCP in the event of uneven substrate, dot and dab the insulation board and leave to dry.

External finish:

Parex Maite reinforcing coat applied onto insulation. Additional AVR mesh embedded into newly laid basecoat so as to provide a monolithic finish. Render finish, EHI Hydraulic finish(applied around windows and doors).

Brick slip – Ibstock selected red brick, 20mm thick installed to  required areas on all elevations


The roof, parapet upstand and parapet capping were encapsulated with new insulation to form a continuous line with the new external wall insulation. The spec for the roof was Xtratherm tapered foil faced PIR CFC/HFC free, rigid poly-isoctanurate insulation board, faced on both sides with foil.150mm thickness laid with staggered butt joints, bonded with PU Adhesive, hot bitumen or mechanically fixed to deck. An  underlay of self-adhesive underlay 180g/m2 polyester base coated with SBS modified bitumen and a cap sheet of IKO Ultra prevENT Torch On was used.

The Result:

The energy performance rating of the depot has been upgraded from BER G to BER C3. In addition to noticeably improved staff comfort levels, these energy savings are worth up to €19,200 annually. Building electrical consumption has reduced from a pre retrofit level of approx.60,000kWhs annually to 25,000kWhs, equating to annual carbon savings of 16.9 tonnes CO2.


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