Northern Trust building a culture of Smarter Travel

Members News - Jun 06, 2017

At the Smarter Travel Awards 2017, Northern Trust won the overall Smarter Travel Workplaces award along with the Car-sharing and Workplace Coordinator awards.

What can we learn from Northern Trust’s experience of building a culture of Smarter Travel?



Northern Trust is a global leader in investment management and complementary financial services.  There has been a rapid increase in their employee base in Limerick with 925 employees currently at two locations, 4.5km from each other.  At the time of their first travel survey in 2014 there were 500 employees in Limerick.  The expansion of numbers at two sites adds to the challenge of encouraging smarter travel. Another challenge is the isolation of one of the sites: it is not on a Bus Eireann route, is off a busy motorway and only has access via a cycle path from one direction.


Northern Trust has 68 staff members who signed up to regular car-sharing, exceeding their aim of having 50 sign up.    In total in the latest travel survey, 143 said they were involved in regular and occasional car-sharing. Northern Trust has also successfully promoted walking and cycling.  Sustainable travel, as a topic, is now embedded in the culture so they have a basis for continuous improvement.

What has contributed to these achievements? The judges at the Smarter Travel awards noted:

  1. Clear achievable targets, measurable outcomes
  2. Well planned and executed
  3. Strong and imaginative branding
  4. Proactive and user-friendly approach, imaginative, fun and energising

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