Intel donates 300 insect, bird and bat boxes to local Tidy Towns associations

Members News - Environment - Dec 01, 2020

Bobby O’Brien, whose dad Stephen works at Intel, is pictured with the box he helped to make.

Across Intel’s 145 sites worldwide there is a network of Corporate Services employees who are responsible for everything from site selection, security, and cafeteria services to managing the Intel Air Shuttle and everyday operations.

This Corporate Services (CS) group, which has thousands of employees, delivers world class factory and office infrastructure at Intel’s multiple sites ensuring one of the safest and coolest workplaces in the world.

In Ireland there are more than 300 CS employees working at the Leixlip campus and recently they all took part in a Global CS Giveback Day which set the ambitious target of having every CS employee across the world take part in a volunteering activity to support the communities in which Intel operates. Because of the nature of the CS organisation’s work, some employees have been working onsite at the Intel campus whilst others have been working from home since earlier this year. With this in mind, the Giveback activity was structured so that everyone could participate together, even though physically apart.


EMEA Corporate Services Manager John O’Dea is pictured with his bird box


The Ireland CS Giveback Day took place in November and saw every CS employee put their efforts into constructing homes for insects, birds and bats in the form of boxes. These boxes were constructed and decorated at home by each employee. Insects, bugs, birds and bats are an important and fascinating part of wildlife and they make their homes in all sorts of places. These boxes provide a snug, safe place for wildlife, protecting them from the elements and predators.

Of the 300 boxes that were made, the majority – 225 – were donated to the local Tidy Towns associations who will place them in a variety of locations throughout the communities in Leixlip, Celbridge and Maynooth. The remainder of the boxes will be used in a few different ways – some of them have been positioned at the Intel campus in Leixlip to encourage biodiversity whilst others were donated to organisations local to where employees live.

Speaking about the donation of the boxes, Gerry Keane from Leixlip Tidy Towns association said; “The boxes are fabulous – we are bowled over by them and would like to convey our best thanks and congratulations to all involved”.


Colourful bird box made as part of the project.


John Black, the CS Site Manager for Leixlip, added; “We have a long and proud tradition of volunteering at Intel and we were delighted to be able to complete this Giveback project to support our local communities here in North Kildare. Every one of the employees in our Corporate services group got involved with this project and the bird, bat and swift boxes that they made will attract a host of different animals, many of them protected species who play a vital role in our ecosystem. The boxes have found a fitting home with our local Tidy Town organisations who will ensure that they are placed in locations throughout Leixlip, Celbridge & Maynooth”.

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