In Conversation with Leslee O’Loughlin, Group HR Manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car

In this month of our In Conversation with series we are delighted to talk to Leslee O’Loughlin, Group HR Manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

  • Please describe your role and responsibilities and how many years you have been in the company

In my role as Group HR Manager for Enterprise, I am ultimately responsible for all aspects of Human Resource Management, including talent acquisition, engagement, retention and training and development.  I am directly responsible for promoting the Enterprise brand as a “great place to work” in Ireland and I take the lead in our D&I initiatives as well as developing strategic relationships with community partners.

  • What was your background previously? How did you enter the CSR field?

I have worked for Enterprise for almost 20 fantastic years now and to be honest, I wouldn’t actually say that I am in a “CSR field” per say.  At Enterprise, being a good community partner is built into our Mission Statement and our Founding Values.  It is central to our ethos that as an organisation, we will give back to, and indeed strengthen, the communities we serve and this is an expectation of every person who joins the organisation.

  •  How has the sustainability/CSR programme evolved at your company?

I believe that community engagement has always been part of Enterprise, right from the beginning.  As a family owned business, Jack Taylor started the Company 60 years ago with a very simple set of values that we embrace to this day.  We engrain in employees from day one how imperative it is to live those values every day.  Every business related strategy we have, and every business stream, in some way incorporates those values which define us as an organisation so being a good community partner has really been an inherent part of our business model since we opened our doors in 1957.  If anything has evolved I would say that as we have grown as an organisation, our impact in our communities has become more innovative and far reaching.

  • What are the challenges you encounter in driving the sustainability agenda and how do you stay inspired?

I am very lucky that I work for an organisation that is values-driven and that promotes those values from the very top.  I think that unfortunately, many people in my position find themselves “selling” the agenda to senior management whereas at Enterprise, senior management are challenging us to do more.  It is a great position to be in.  I suppose my biggest challenge is how effectively we communicate internally all of the great things we are doing as a Company.

  • What is your biggest accomplishment or learning so far?

I am very proud of the awards Enterprise has won over the last 5 years in Ireland around Diversity and Inclusion and I am delighted with the strength of our brand in Ireland as a good community partner.  Our brand is the most valuable thing we, and any company, will ever own and it is a true reflection of who we and what we value as an organisation.

  • What is your motto in life?

I would love to say that I have one but I honestly don’t.  I suppose life, for me, is far too wild and wonderful to be summed up with just one motto.

  • What would a perfect day entail for you?

People . . . all day long!  If I can finish my day knowing that I have helped, motivated, developed or inspired someone in someway . . .my day is complete.


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