IBM launches 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Members News - Aug 28, 2017

IBM has recently released their annual Corporate Responsibility Report covering 2016. Their reports – like their citizenship initiatives – are not simply lists of cash contributions to causes that complement their industry. IBM’s approach to corporate citizenship is, and always has been, far more complex, more engaged and more vested in sustainable outcomes than can be covered by a list of donations. Instead, they aim to present the highlights of IBM’s commitment to the communities, to the countries and to the planet where they live and conduct business.

Business in the Community Ireland

As a values-driven organization comprised of hundreds of thousands of thoughtful, committed and caring people around the world, IBM and IBMers take their culture of service personally. Some of the world’s most talented people – experts who could work anywhere – choose IBM because of their desire to contribute, to do something significant, and by so doing…to change the world. They are not naïve in pursuing this quest, as each of us is humbled by the staggering challenges of the modern era. But where others may retreat into isolation or seek comfort in the status quo, IBMers push forward. Their business demands it. And because their business and their commitment to service are inseparable, their culture and their values encourage and enable the actions, initiatives and essential partnerships that help them accomplish what none has done before.

Check out their 2016 CSR Report.