IBM Enhancing Non-Profit Capabilities

Members News - Sep 29, 2015

Ireland’s first and largest shared services centre for non-profits, Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups  celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2015; which also was the seventh consecutive year of recession and funding cuts in Ireland ; they felt it was time to develop new strategies to enable their continued mission in the current economic climate. To support them in doing this, IBM Ireland provided an IBM Strategic Planning Impact Grant to help them in improving their effectiveness in serving others.

Consultants from the IBM’s Strategy and Transformation Division engaged the board and staff members in an energising and intensive two-week strategy development process. During the engagement, the consultants met with many of key funders and stakeholders, developed a SWOT analysis, and facilitated discussions that challenged the Carmichael team to re-examine their mission and how to achieve it.

Carmichael IMG_6959“The IBM process helped us make an honest and critical assessment of our current operations, and map out steps to remain relevant and of value to our clients, supporters and funders. The consultants brought high levels of enthusiasm to the strategy process, and helped us establish and maintain objectivity and a clearly defined structure for our efforts. This guidance helped us accelerate the development of a new mission statement.” Diarmaid O’Corrbuí, CEO, Carmichael Centre..

“There is a great buzz of excitement being generated in Carmichael Centre with our new strategy. It is challenging, but it will help us be much clearer and better at what we do. This will greatly benefit our non-profit clients, and better position us to grow our services and income.”


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