Dublin Bus celebrates World Environment Day with a new Environment Report

Members News - Environment - Strategy - Jun 28, 2021

Dublin Bus envisages a high quality, frequent and zero emission service which is fully integrated with a suite of flexible transport solutions that make door-to-door journeys for all customers easy and enjoyable.

In advance of World Environment Day, (June 5th) Dublin Bus launched their environment report; Driving Change: Our Journey to Zero. This sets out their clear ambition for environment targets and their drive to become a zero emissions operator by 2050.

Dublin Bus is a provider of sustainable mobility solutions. They are committed to the reduction of emissions, congestion and energy usage. They began their journey towards becoming a zero emissions operator some time ago and they’ve made significant progress towards that goal.

As the largest public transport provider in Ireland, it is their responsibility to embed sustainable practices in every aspect of their business from the vehicles which carry their customers to the energy and materials they use throughout the organisation.

But the most meaningful contribution they can make is through the environmentally friendly transport options they provide for our customers every day.

At our busiest Dublin Bus takes up to 160,000 cars off the road daily and their modern fleet produces 87% less emissions per person than car users.

Since 2017, they’ve reduced emissions by 13,500 tonnes.

Every time one of our customers chooses the bus, rather than taking the same journey by car, they are reducing their own carbon footprint and making a positive contribution to the environment. Every full Dublin Bus means a 92% reduction in carbon emissions for every kilometre travelled by Dublin Bus customers compared to the same journey taken by car.

Helping commuters to reduce their reliance on the private car as a means of transport has to be a priority. Encouraging what is known as “modal shift” is a fundamental part of our strategy. This means making public transport, specifically by bus, a more compelling and attractive alternative for those who currently rely on their cars for journeys to and from work, for school runs, shopping trips and when enjoying sporting, cultural and leisure pursuits.

The next stages on Dublin Bus’ journey include:

  • Their first fully electric route, which will be within the next three years
  • Fully electrified depots – within seven years
  • Zero emission fleet – by 2050

Dublin Bus will continue to deliver solutions that meet the city’s needs and fulfil our dual mandate of embedding sustainability into everything we do and seeking new and better ways to enable and encourage sustainable behaviour for our customers.


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