Community at the heart of this year’s Fidelity Cares Day

On Wednesday, 8th May Fidelity Ireland employees joined over 8,000 of their global colleagues to take part in global Fidelity Cares Day.

Now in its 6th year, the day gives employees the opportunity to get involved in a host of activities across Dublin and Galway that have a positive impact on the communities in which they live and work.

It is also a chance for people to get to know their colleagues better, building strong connections with others and talking to people they may not encounter in their day-to-day jobs. Days such as Fidelity Cares Day are important in building Fidelity’s culture of community as a business, and what better way to that than to work together to give back to the local community!

This year, almost 200 people volunteered to take part in a host of activities across the country – from mentoring students to picking up litter, no job was too big or too small for the volunteers.

Having a range of activity choices gave Fidelity’s volunteers the opportunity to sign-up for a project that was meaningful to them, and it was evident from the volume of work that was completed that every individual got stuck in and worked hard throughout the day.

One of the activities that took place was a coding workshop for 65 local students from Saggart National School in Dublin. The Fidelity Cares program has a strong focus on education, particularly STEM education, so it was fantastic to see a room full of young students being mentored by Fidelity volunteers and learning the basics of code and how it is used in the everyday world.

Sadhbh, a teacher from the school commented, “Thank you again for organising this for us. I could hear the children talking about the coding, the workshops have definitely made a difference to how the children understand and perceive coding. This has been a great experience!”

Other activities the volunteers took part in on the day included clean-ups of local areas. 5 teams of over 100 volunteers took to the Dublin Mountains and Merlin Woods in Galway to clean-up popular visitor areas. The weather in Dublin was not in their favour, but that didn’t stop the teams donning their rain jackets and getting the job done!

The impact of these clean-ups was immense, and local volunteer groups met with the teams to share how valuable a large scale clean-up is to them as they have very limited resources.

A number of Fidelity volunteers went to local St Vincent de Paul charity shops and warehouses to help out. They were put to work cleaning, sorting, pricing and organising the huge amounts of items that are donated to the shops. One Fidelity volunteer said they were amazed by the amount of work the SVP volunteers do each and every day, and were delighted to be able to lend a helping hand for a day.

In one day, Fidelity Ireland employees completed a total of 660 volunteer hours – working in 3 charity shops, completing 5 local clean up projects and mentoring 98 local school students. An amazing achievement for a single day – well done to all who got involved in the event!

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