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In 2005, software visionaries Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri met for brunch at a Truckee diner, a few miles north of Lake Tahoe. They decided to form a startup – one that would sell cloud-based finance and HR software. The two longtime friends had plenty of experience. Dave founded PeopleSoft in 1987 and served as the company’s CEO and Board Chairman. Aneel held a number of leadership positions at PeopleSoft, including Senior Vice-President of product strategy. On that day in 2005, they resolved to build a company that would revolutionise the enterprise software market. The result is Workday.

Sustainability in the cloud.

At Workday, we measure our success not only in financial terms, but also by how we operate in the community and the environment. We are committed to reducing – and where possible, eliminating – any negative environmental impact while benefiting the communities we live and work in.

Our sustainability efforts focus on the environmental, social, and economic issues that help to create and sustain long-term success at Workday. To enjoy a healthy economy that fosters human potential, we need to sustain a healthy planet as a foundation for our economy.

Our approach to environmental stewardship focuses on the impacts that are most material to our business as a cloud-software company. These include our carbon footprint, investments in renewable energy, reducing and responsibly disposing of our e-waste, and engaging with our employees to maximise their collective impact on how we operate.



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