Tesco Ireland

Tesco Ireland is part of the Strategist Stream, explore the benefits.

Tesco Ireland is one of the biggest private sector employers in Ireland and is responsible for nearly 47,000 jobs right across the country, including employing nearly 15,000 people directly and supporting the employment of 32,000 in our supply chain.  Contributing €3.2billion to the Irish economy every year, Tesco Ireland is the world’s biggest buyer of Irish food and drink.  Working with over 13,000 Irish farm families who provide 100% of our beef, pork, lamb, milk and eggs and more than 480 small and medium sized suppliers, we are proud of the positive and valuable contribution of our business to the country.

Tesco stores are at the heart of hundreds of communities across Ireland and as a company we are committed to a strong CSR strategy, which enables our staff across our 149 stores to deliver meaningful impacts for the communities we serve.  We do this through our Charity of the Year Programme through which over €13 million has been donated to charities in Ireland since 2001, through the work of our 26 Community Champions, who spend over 20,000 hours per year on work in their local communities, through our partnerships with FoodCloud and Bia Food Initiative, and through the Tesco Community Fund.